Erode By-Poll Result 2023: Congress Candidate Elangovan Lead

Today is the Big day for the Tamil Nadu Government for battling against the candidates to thrive in the East Erode position. The political parties are trying to attain their hardships and commitments through their previous contributions to the state. Byelections in Tamil Nadu have not produced any surprises in the past sixty-five years, given the track record there. The majority of by-elections were won by the ruling party or its allies. As a result, a by-election is not particularly exciting. However, the Erode East byelection on February 27 is anything but dull. Many parties were taken aback when the Election Commission announced the byelection in the middle of January. After the sudden death of E. Thirumahan Everaa, the son of Congress MLA and former State Congress president E.V.K.S. Elangovan, the seat became vacant in the first week of the month. The by-election is the DMK’s first test since taking office in May 2021. For election work, nearly every Minister and senior official has been hired. The DMK is responsible for the majority of those working on the election, while Congress and a few other alliance partners support them in various ways. The party surprised everyone by putting up Mr Elangovan, despite Mr Elangovan’s stated disinclination to enter the fray and appeal to the leadership to nominate his other son, E. Sanjay Sampath. The party’s Erode district president, Makkal G.

Rajan was at least one more strong candidate. While Mr Sampath goes door-to-door with the Ministers, the septuagenarian Mr Elangovan covers the constituency in the evenings. The Housing and Urban Development Minister for Erode (West), S. Muthusamy, is leading his party members and other members of the front led by the DMK. Using Thirumahan Everaa’s goodwill, the Congress leader emphasizes that the public’s faith in Chief Minister M.K. Stalin is another advantage. Mr Elangovan notes that the candidate appears to be a member of their party and thanks the DMK ministers and officials for supporting him. “I am certain of recording a historic victory…” he continues. His experience will not be pleasant: The deteriorating state of the roads and the rising cost of electricity are two issues that the electorate finds troubling. Mr Rajan, the most influential local Congress member, acknowledges that people are unhappy. However, according to the reports, “they are convinced when we tell them the facts and assure them that the roads will be re-laid after the byelection.” He makes the point that neither Congress nor the DMK holds opposing viewpoints. The Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM), led by actor Kamal Haasan, received 10,005 votes in 2021, or about 6.6% of the vote, so Mr Elangovan should feel more secure.

The AIADMK-led Opposition front’s story has also been exciting. The AIADMK, led by interim general secretary Edappadi K. Palaniswami, quickly persuaded one of its allies, the Tamil Maanila Congress (Moopanar), to give it the seat because it sees the byelection as an opportunity to improve its image. M. Yuvaraja, a candidate for the TMC, was fielded on the AIADMK’s symbol in the Assembly election in 2021. C. Ponnaiyan, a senior party official and former Finance Minister, reiterated the widespread belief that the BJP, led by K. Annamalai, is expanding at the expense of the AIADMK at a workshop in May of last year. The well-known actor and politician Kamal Haasan has been involved in politics in Tamil Nadu for a number of years. He has recently been promoting the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) in the East election campaign. The DMK counts Kamal Haasan as one of its most important allies, and he has helped the party win support in a number of different parts of the state. Kamal Haasan has made it clear that he disagrees with the DMK and its policies.

He has consistently praised the party for its commitment to social justice and inclusive governance. Kamal Haasan stated in a recent speech that the DMK has always advocated for the welfare of the people, particularly marginalized groups. Additionally, he praised the party’s efforts to provide free healthcare, education, and other essential services to Tamil Naduans. The DMK’s support for Kamal Haasan is not new. In point of fact, he has been an outspoken party supporter for a number of years. The Makkal Neethi Maiam (MNM), Kamal Haasan’s party, did not run for any seats in the Lok Sabha in 2019, instead supporting the DMK-led alliance. After that, the alliance won 38 of the 39 seats in Tamil Nadu. The decision of Kamal Haasan to back the DMK was seen as a big boost for the party and its allies. Kamal Haasan has been actively supporting the DMK and Siva Elango, its candidate, in the East election.

He has been travelling through the constituency, meeting people, and giving speeches at rallies. The election has received a lot of attention due to Kamal Haasan’s presence, and the DMK’s campaign has been influenced in large part by his endorsement of the party. Kamal Haasan has been particularly forthright about the constituency’s need for change. He has emphasized the region’s lack of development and called for immediate action to address the people’s problems. Additionally, he has urged people to vote for the DMK, which he believes will bring about positive change in the constituency, and he has spoken about the need for transparency in governance.

The DMK campaign of Kamal Haasan has not been without controversy. He said that the Indian Parliament was “a place for jokers” at a recent rally. Kamal Haasan received criticism from a variety of sources after the comment was widely criticized. He later clarified his statement, stating that he was referring to some Parliamentarians’ behaviour rather than the institution itself. His campaign, on the other hand, was unaffected by the incident, and he continued to host large gatherings at his rallies. Kamal Haasan’s campaign has been successful in gaining support for the DMK despite the controversy. The party has been able to reach a larger audience thanks to his popularity as an actor and his reputation as a politician. He has also helped the DMK connect with young voters who see him as a role model and an inspiration thanks to his endorsement of the party.

The DMK’s East election campaign has been significantly influenced by Kamal Haasan’s campaign. His support for the party has increased attention to the election and helped it connect with voters. He has always held a consistent opinion about the DMK and its policies, and he has always praised the party for its dedication to social justice and inclusive governance. Kamal Haasan’s campaign has been successful in gaining support for the DMK and its candidate, despite controversies along the way. The outcome of the election is yet to be determined, but one thing is certain: Kamal Haasan’s participation has made it much more interesting and interesting. 





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